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UK Poultry represents more than half of 2 Sisters’ business by sales. The division employs over 8,500 people working in a chilled environment to process poultry products which are then marketed to UK consumers via major retailers. Our colleagues work at primary sites, where chickens are delivered from nearby farms for processing, and also at cutting sites where portioning, deboning and filleting of chicken takes place. UK Poultry predominantly produces private label products for major retailers. We know our expertise is in processing, so we work with experts in other fields to ensure that our supply chain is as effective and efficient as possible. This allows us to produce the highest quality at lowest cost. We work with the best in: hatching, farming, animal husbandry and transport, so we can focus on what we do best. Our agricultural partners manage poultry centres of excellence and apply best principles in terms of animal welfare and food safety. They cover a wide range of production systems ranging from farm assured through to free range, freedom food, corn fed and organic. All elements of the supply chain have to adhere to our strict protocols together with customer specifications and codes of practice. They are independently and regularly audited. Food safety standards and HACCP principles apply across the agriculture operation and consumers can be assured of the provenance and traceability of our products. Our partner organisations also have impeccable credentials - our 2 Agriculture Farms are Red Tractor with a few free range farms RSPCA accredited. And our Hook 2 Sisters joint venture sites are Red Tractor recognised.

Our Sites


Site B, also known as Amber Foods, opened in 1998. It has 230 colleagues on site and processes fresh, frozen and added value poultry. Over two thirds of the chicken processed on site is frozen in their spiral and blast freezers. The team are also responsible for producing marinated products for both all year round and seasonal BBQ products. Part of Amber Foods sits on every site and is responsible for our by-products management to ensure we don’t waste any part of the bird.

Coupar Angus

Coupar Angus has been operating since 1965, originally starting out as a jam factory, it has had been owned by Marshalls, Grampian and Vion. In 2013 the site was bought by 2 Sisters Food Group, it’s known as the biggest employer in the area with 1000 colleagues on site. We supply to the major retailers. At Coupar they have a number of traditions, one includes offering Christmas dinner to all colleagues along with a free whole chicken to take home for Christmas.


Flixton is one of our smaller and most integral sites. Processing around one million birds per week is a difficult task, we have a team of 500 colleagues with over 17 different nationalities, therefore regular training and development is key to ensure we stay at the top of our game. We send our products to major retailers such as M&S, Tesco and Co-op and for further processing at our other sites. One of our proudest achievements in Flixton is our ethical status, we ensure we support our local community on various charitable projects.

No 1 Colmore Row

Our Colmore Row office is based in Birmingham city centre and is the base for 100 central UK Poultry colleagues, including the Executive team, Commercial, Category, HR and Finance.


Processing one million birds per week Sandycroft is one of the biggest sites within 2 Sisters. This site sits in one of the UK’s biggest manufacturing hubs, Deeside has been a beacon of manufacture for well over 80 years and our site is one of the biggest in the area. We have been an accredited supplier to the UK’s largest supermarkets as well as providing wholesale products to the likes of KFC and Nando’s. Sandycroft always aim to maintain the highest of standards and consistent training to all colleagues to ensure we get the most out of our talented staff. With initial training in Food Safety Level 2 and Health and Safety Level 2 before you even get to the shopfloor as well as constant career development, we endeavor to support all our colleagues throughout their time at 2 Sisters. With the production being fast-paced and the quality expectations high Sandycroft is a site that brings out the best in people and brings a fresh challenge everyday.


Scunthorpe is the largest site in the UK Poultry division. A northern powerhouse in manufacturing, we employ over 2000 colleagues from over 22 different nationalities. This site is a hub for diversity and success, bringing ideas and experience from all over the world. We see our people as our unique selling point and that is why we invest in them. Opportunities to work up from the factory floor all the way up to the Senior Leadership Team are shown in clear pathways so that everyone knows what they need to do to further their career. By offering training from Butchery to Leadership we ensure that we capture talent and develop it. At this site we process over 2.4 million birds weekly from 70 farms in the UK. Due to the demands and the need to stay at the forefront of our sector we have invested over £60 million into this site over the last three years in order to cement our place as a major player in North East industry and manufacture.

Site D

Site D was initially our Head Office and housed the executive team when it opened in 2005, since then it has developed into a seven day production facility which has 1200 colleagues on site. This site covers fresh, frozen and added value with a capacity of 900,000 birds per week. Our key customers are Marks and Spencer’s, Tesco and we also complete work for Aldi, Lidl and Gusto at times when we support others sites within our network. The site have worked extremely hard on ensuring the best standards and quality of products, with a BRC AA* accreditation again in 2020.

Site E

Site E is a cut and packaging site. It was acquired in 2002 and works in close connection with Site D. The site has around 145 colleagues and mainly supplies product internally to the rest of the business. Our products are whole chicken and sometimes during Christmas this switches to Turkeys if our sister brand Bernard Matthews needs support.


Thetford is our centre of excellence for our breaded products and our flag ship low energy site. Both things mean that it is one of our most modern sites and always at the forefront of new ideas and technology. Since opening our doors in 2011 we have aimed to stay at the forefront of poultry manufacture, this requires us to have a diverse and progressive workforce with many of our managers being promoted from the factory floor. We employ over 850 colleagues making us the largest employer in the Thetford area. We receive products from our primary sites and then further process them in order to distribute out to major customers such as M&S, Sainsburys, Aldi and Tesco.


The Willand factory has been part of Devon’s food manufacturing heritage since 1898 where it started life as an egg processing facility. Steeped in history this site is located on Lloyd Maunder road, a nod back to the original plant owner Lloyd Maunder who first established this site all those years ago. Willand has been part of 2 Sisters since 2008. We pride ourself as a beacon of manufacturing excellence bringing together people from multiple cultures and nationalities, Willand has gone from processing 20/30 birds per day (1933) to one million birds per week (2020). One of the key successes at Willand is that the family feel has remained, ensuring that all colleagues on the site feel part of our family. With a long succession of colleague development, some colleagues have worked on the site for 50 years, it is clear to see this site as a cornerstone of the region. The team work closely with local schools on placements, engage in charity events, communication forums and all manner of colleague engagement celebrations, it is easy to see why talent is drawn to the site.

Our People

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