The climate crisis is here and now, and time is running out to do something about it.
A third of global emissions* and 75% of global deforestation comes from food.**

The climate crisis threatens the world’s food supply.
Weather extremes will cause damage to farming infrastructure and
adversely effect productivity.***

Nearly 40% of the food we make is wasted▵,
whilst nearly a billion people on the planet go to bed hungry. ▵▵

It’s never been more important for us as a food industry to address the
critical issues of climate, health and food security.

* M Crippa et al (2021)
** WWF (2022)
*** CCC (2019)
▵ WWF (2021)
▵▵ WHO (2022)


To contribute to a better world by feeding
people sustainably produced, great
tasting, healthy chicken and meal
solutions, now and in the future.

With the strong foundations of our Better For All plan we will
deliver our purpose both now and for future generations.

Welcome to the family,

welcome to 2 Sisters.

Together we’ll create tasty, nutritious and quality products of the highest standard.

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2 Sisters Food Group employs
thousands of people throughout
the UK and Europe. We’re
passionate about what we do
and we have a wide range of
careers available. Below are
details of the permanent and
fixed term opportunities we
have at the moment.

Careers at 2SFG