Blaze of Glory

19 June 2018

The ‘Fire Team’ at the Fox’s Biscuits factory in Kirkham, Lancashire, have been hailed as local heroes after coming to the rescue of a near-by family. 

The incident occurred during a night shift around 3am when colleagues at the site were concerned after they could smell burning.

 Fox's Fire team

FIGHTING FIRE: from left Paul Barrett, material supply supervisor, Graham Pearson, departmental manager, Andrew Errington, departmental manager and Stefan Durkot, departmental manager

The on-site fire team consisting of Paul Barrett, Graham Pearson, Andrew Errington and Stefan Durkot, searched the factory but no fire could be found. Refusing to give up, the team continued their investigation and during a walk of the grounds noticed a blaze from a nearby property.

Instinctively, the courageous super heroes raced to the property and evacuated the homes until the emergency services could arrive. This included one young family with a baby and a dog, who were all helped to safety.

Andrew Errington, departmental manager, said: "We didn’t question it, we did what we have been trained to do, which is to evacuate people safely. We are all glad everyone got out safely and that we saw the flames when we did or it could have been a lot worse.”

"Not all heroes wear capes!"

The Police, Fire brigade and local community organisations have shown their gratitude to the quick thinking and calm response by the fire team, which, without question, saved lives.

Lee Mcleod, manufacturing manager, said: “The Fox’s team went above and beyond the call of duty that night, we are really proud of their efforts. 

Fox’s donated biscuits to the neighbours affected by the fire.

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