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Welcome to 2 Sisters Food Group.

We are one of the UK’s biggest and brightest food companies and we’re truly proud of the role we play in helping to feed the nation.

Together with 23,000 of our colleagues, we’re fanatical about food. From chicken to cookies, from pizzas to pies - we’re on a mission to deliver great quality and innovative meal ideas each and every day.

A passion for food

As one of the leading food manufacturers in the UK, we’re keen to communicate our passion for what we do.

So whether you’re wondering where our factories are, would like to apply for a job, or just want to find out our latest news, this is where you’ll find the answers. Please, delve in!


Telling Our Story


RT @foodgov: Cooking your chicken thoroughly will kill any #Campylobacter. Not washing reduces the risk of spreading germs. More: http://t.co/K5kEOIRrP5
RT @foodgov: Here are our four tips to prevent #campylobacter from causing food poisoning http://t.co/8yYDkdkVjq
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