2 Sisters Food Group has a long track record of leading on diversity and inclusion within its businesses.

Not only is the company built around a strong workforce foundation comprising of many different nationalities and faiths, it is also proud of the contribution it has played in promoting and ensuring gender diversity, inclusion and opportunity.

With an ever-increasing focus on the issue of gender, the business is pleased to be able to publish its gender pay gap analysis which we believe stands up very well against the manufacturing industry as a whole and in particular the food and drink sector.

Creating an environment in which both men and women can reach their career aspirations is vitally important to us. There is always more to do, and we look forward to making sure we look at new and different ways to reach our goals.

There are many success stories at 2 Sisters - here are the stories of a selection of our female superstars:

Our People

Women in Leadership

Danica Hillson

Technical Director - Red Meat

“I have been with the Red Meat business for the last 20 years; after being head-hunted by whilst onsite carrying out an audit. I joined Bodmin as site technical manager; and experienced people management for the first time leading a team of around 20 heads. Over the next seven or eight years I gained experience of both single and multi-site roles, bringing valuable NPD knowledge to the division. I was offered the position as Technical director in 2008 and am proud to provide balance and fresh perspective to the largely male dominated business. 

“In recent times I have witnessed an upsurge of women coming into the organisation, it’s been a privilege to watch them flourish in a sometimes challenging environment. I relish the opportunity to engage my mentoring side, and offer advice and guidance as they progress in their chosen careers.”

Cheryl Francis

Logistics and Group Services Director

“I joined 2 Sisters over 10 years ago. The business quickly entered into a period of rapid expansion and growth, and as a consequence my role has evolved and grown significantly since I joined. Working at 2SFG has provided me with the opportunity to meet my career aspirations and goals in a challenging but rewarding environment. Provided you’re willing to work hard, the scope for progression is excellent at 2 Sisters. It’s pleasing to see more women progressing into senior management positions within the business, I feel this is a trend we should absolutely continue to encourage.”

Stacy Picker

General Manager – Grimsby Soups and Sauces

“I began my career at Fox’s Biscuits as part of the Northern Foods undergraduate scheme for one year, before transferring to Cavaghan & Gray (Hull) as part of the graduate scheme where I was based for five years.

“My career has been predominately focused around production. I started as a production supervisor at C&G, before being promoted to operations manager shortly before the site closed.

“I then transferred to Pennine Foods, where I worked for seven years in various production managerial roles, cumulating in my position as head of Operations. With a 700+ strong workforce and a 24/7 operation, the role was both rewarding and challenging.

In May 2017, after returning from maternity leave for the second time, I joined the Grimsby Soups and Sauces site as general manager. As a parent of two young children I’m pleased to say 2SFG has provided an excellent support network, and despite my position have been accommodating and flexible to my childcare needs. I’m able to enjoy a work life balance while still meeting my career goals.”

Gender Pay - Introduction

Under the new legislation, all UK businesses employing upwards of 250 staff are required to disclose their Gender Pay Gap. The requirements are as follows:

  • % difference in mean hourly pay 
  • % difference in median hourly pay
  • The proportion of male and female employees in each pay quartile (lower, lower middle, upper middle and upper)
  • % difference in mean bonus pay of male and female employees in the 12 months to 5th April 17.
  • % difference in median bonus pay of male and female employees in the 12 months to 5th April 17.
  • The proportion of male and female employees who received bonus in the 12 months to 5th April 17.

At 2SFG, we are committed to ensuring all colleagues are treated equally.

We have conducted an in-depth analysis of our data, which has shown that our pay and bonus gaps are largely driven by an imbalance in the ratio of men and women, which increases further up the hierarchy (as shown in our pay quartile data). We do not believe that there is an imbalance in the rates of pay given to men and women doing the same or equivalent work, and nor is there a significant gap between men and women at the equivalent grade in our structure. Likewise, bonus schemes, where operated, are applied consistently regardless of gender.

Although we are required to disclose our Gender Pay data by Legal Entity, the way we structure the business means that it is of more practical value to us to view our data at Group and Divisional level. At Group level we can report that our Gender Pay Gap is 9.7% (mean) and 4.1% (median) and our Bonus gap for 2017 was 34.2% (mean), and 6.42% (median). The corresponding figures for each operating Division are as follows:


Pay Gap

Bonus Gap










UK Poultry















Meal Solutions










Red Meat





Added Value






Overall we believe that our data compares favourably against reported national figures. For example, the Office for National Statistics reports a 24.5% median pay gap in the private sector, and 18.1% across all sectors.

Please follow the below link to view our results:

Read our gender pay report.