Updated November 2018

2 Sisters Food Group is part of the Initiative to support the responsible use of antibiotics in the UK food chain which has the stated vision of ‘Retailers, manufacturers and processors coming together to promote and support responsible antibiotic use and tackle antimicrobial resistance’. The intention of this initiative is to support and engage with existing industry groups working in this area, ensuring work is aligned, avoiding duplication of effort and it has 3 key working groups on Responsible Use, Data and Research & Development.

We are determined to produce the best quality poultry for all our customers and the chicken-buying shopper.

Underpinning this desire for quality are a set of market-leading policies and operating standards, ensuring we work in the best way possible to produce the healthiest, best quality poultry.

We are pleased to announce that our business is now leading the industry with a ground-breaking policy relating to antibiotics use in our poultry.

Animals in all types of farming systems can become ill and may need treating with antibiotics.

But we are now reviewing any instances where antibiotics are currently used as a first resort treatment and where possible replacing with other interventions such as vaccination, changes to husbandry and enhanced farm biosecurity.

If we do need to use antibiotics, this will be done responsibly making sure we continue to safeguard both human and animal health, and any antibiotics will be fully licensed for use in poultry and prescribed by our vet. 

However, we will no longer use certain types of antibiotics in any of our broiler production. 

The reason for this is that these antibiotics classes have been identified as being of the highest priority critical importance to human health.

By being open and transparent with our antibiotics policy, we believe we are leading the industry with a best-in-class approach which safeguards both human and animal well-being.

 To find out the full details about what we’re doing, read our news release or view our antibiotic policy.