(High care production operative, Pennine Foods)

I work for 2 Sisters Food Group at Pennine Foods in Sheffield as part of the ‘high care’ team. High care is the name we give to production areas where we are handling chilled food that requires strict hygiene standards for example, cooked meat and fresh sauces. We make a variety of ready meals for retail customers including Chinese, Indian, healthy living and party ranges.

The best thing about working at 2 Sisters Food Group is the people that work here at Pennine Foods. Everyone’s very supportive and management are even alright too! Everyone has a job to do and all things considered, this is a good place to work.

I started here in 1989 and I’ve worked in just about every ‘high care’ role there is in my time at Pennine Foods. From time on the production line weighing rice, to grating cheese all day or preparing sauces, I’ve done them all. The biggest challenge at site, no matter what the job you do here, is still getting everything out the door because we have an important customer relying on us all.

Teamwork is really important. There are many elements, and colleagues, involved in producing any one ready meal and all have to be spot on to ensure a perfect product. From delivery of ingredients, to production and then ensuring everything’s packed, marked up and dated properly before it’s despatched for delivery to store in just a few hours.

There is a good awareness on the lines that quality is important for our customers and one of the most satisfying things about my job is when someone spots something that isn’t up to scratch and it pulled before it gets to the shelf. It’s so important that we get the quality righ.