A day in the life of an engineering apprentice: Alex Allington


Alex enjoys reinforcing his college learning with practical challenges at work and drawing on the extensive experience of his engineering colleagues at 2 Sisters.

What made you choose an apprenticeship with 2 Sisters Food Group?

The food industry will always be around and we’ll always need to eat so working within one of the biggest food manufacturers had a big part to play with my choice. I also thought the multi skilled pathway is one of the best on offer!

What work have you been doing within your apprenticeship?

Our workload currently is mainly based on electrical work (installation work and safety circuits) with some fabrication and small projects giving us a good understanding of how things are done here.

What’s the structure of your apprenticeship like?

Our apprenticeship is multi-skilled food and drink maintenance engineering over four years and we attend college one day a week. Most of our time is spent moving from project to project which takes us to all different areas of the facility.

Can you describe 2 Sisters in 3 words?

Quality, safety, leading.

What do you think is the best thing about working for 2 Sisters?

The best bit for me as an apprentice is working within a team that has such a wealth of experience to draw from.

What is the most challenging thing about working for 2 Sisters?

The most challenging is also one of the best parts for me – maintaining the different equipment from department to department which is challenging albeit exciting.

How would you describe the culture of 2 Sisters?

I would describe the culture as ‘focused’. We all work to keep production running in the safest way possible and maintain the quality high standards that are expected within this industry.

What are your prospects of progressing after your apprenticeship?

On completion of our level three apprenticeship we’d stand in a very good position to progress onto an HE apprenticeship potentially leading to level 4 and degree level.

What advice would you give to any young people considering a career here?

This is without a doubt one of the best apprenticeships on offer in a company that’s going places, if you want a career that will last a lifetime this is the place for you!

Key facts:

Name: Alex Allington.

Role: Multi skilled apprentice engineer. Involves installing, repairing and maintaining equipment and machinery in the factory.

Location: Flixton, Suffolk.