(Head of finance, UK Poultry)

As a head of finance I’m responsible for a number of 2 Sisters sites, so my role is very varied and there is no such thing as a typical day or week at work for me!

I enjoy the busy nature of the 2 Sisters environment. It’s a great place to work here even though it is a large organisation, and there is still a feeling of being part of something within which you can make a real difference. You wouldn’t often get that at a company of this size.

A significant amount of my time is spent reviewing financial results and site KPIs, as well as understanding current performance and predicting future results.

To do this effectively I have to liaise with finance teams at the factories I am responsible for, as well as colleagues in our Group finance team.  So, although everyone would expect a good finance manager to be good with numbers, I think good communication skills are also vital. Gaining operational knowledge and experience is also very important. It is difficult to understand and manage financial results and KPIs without having seen firsthand what can drive them at an operational level. I’ve been fortunate to work in roles previously where I’ve been able to build this knowledge.

With a young family, travelling can sometimes be a challenge as I help manage a number of sites around the region. In a company as geographically diverse as 2 Sisters, I know this is a challenge that many of my colleagues have to manage too. However, being organised and planning well helps me cope with that.

I would say to thrive as a manager at 2 Sisters you need to be organised and efficient, and also able to keep up with, and quickly adapt to, the changing demands of the business.