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About us

How we work

As one of the leading food manufacturing companies in the UK, we make a wide-range of food, from branded goods like Fox’s Biscuits and Goodfella’s Pizza to countless own label products for supermarkets around the UK.

With such a complex and wide-range of food produced, we take an industry-leading approach to all our activities with world class policies, procedures and standards.

We’ve split our activity into different areas, so you can see how we approach each part of the business. Take a look to find out more.


At 2 Sisters we know our expertise is in processing so we work with experts in other fields to ensure that our supply chain is as effective and efficient as possible. This allows us to produce high...


We are determined to produce the best quality poultry for all our customers and the chicken-buying shopper. Underpinning this desire for quality are a set of market-leading policies and operating...

Animal welfare

We are determined to be the best in our sector with regards to the production of sustainable, quality livestock grown to the high welfare standards that our customers expect.


2 Sisters Food Group is doing more than any other food processor or retailer in leading the fight against campylobacter.


2 Sisters Food Group will not tolerate any form of labour exploitation of job applicants, colleagues or agency workers by any individual or group of individuals. Read all about our approach here.